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Hari Ng Lahat

  1. Sasamba Sa’Yo(Chords)
  2. Ang Lahat (Chords)
  3. Wagas Ng Pag-ibig (Chords)
  4. Magtitiwala(Chords)
  5. Hari Ng Lahat(Chords)
  6. Pinatawad (Chords)
  7. Sa’Yo Sumasamo (Chords)
  8. Ang Iyong Salita (Chords)
  9. Tanging Sa’Yo (Chords)
  10. Halina Hesus (Chords)
  11. Aleluya Sa Hari (Chords)
  12. Nang Nakilala Ka (Chords)

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  1. Blessed and Favored (Chords)
  2. Trust You (Chords)
  3. All I Have Is Yours (Chords)
  4. Because You Love Me(Chords)
  5. Come Lord Jesus (Chords)
  6. Forgiven (Chords)
  7. No Other Name (Chords)
  8. Your Word Says (Chords)
  9. Ruler of All (Chords)
  10. Spirit of God (Chords)
  11. Abba Father (Chords)
  12. Praise Him (Chords)

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  1. Grace Abounds (Chords)
  2. Be Lifted High (Chords)
  3. Unfailing Love (Chords)
  4. I Cry Jesus(Chords)
  5. Believe (Chords)
  6. To The King (Chords)
  7. Freedom Lives (Chords)
  8. The Good God (Chords)
  9. Fall(Chords)
  10. The Best(Chords)
  11. Call On Your Name (Chords)
  12. A Moment With You (Chords)
  13. Let It Fall (Chords)

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Sa’Yo Sumasamo

  1. Ang Pag-Ibig Mo (Chords)
  2. Ang Buhay Ko’y Sa’Yo (Chords)
  3. Awit Sa’Yo (Chords)
  4. Isigaw, Alleluja (Chords)
  5. Dakilang Panginoon(Chords)
  6. Awit ng Papuri (Chords)
  7. Sa’Yo Sumasamo (Chords)
  8. Ikaw ay Diyos (Ang Pag-Ibig Mo ay Tunay) (Chords)
  9. Ikaw Lamang (Chords)
  10. Hesus (Chords)
  11. Ama Namin (Chords)
  12. Kay Hesus (Chords)

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Be Glorified

  1. Bigger (Chords)
  2. Trust You (Chords)
  3. You’re All I Need (Chords)
  4. Breathe on Me (Chords)
  5. Covers All (Chords)
  6. Ruler of All (Chords)
  7. Sing to You (Chords)
  8. Your Love (Chords)
  9. Because of Who You Are (Chords)
  10. Be Glorified (Chords)
  11. I Sing Blessing (Chords)
  12. Spirit of God (Chords)
  13. Abba Father (Chords)

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Single Releases
Unleash (Chords)


  1. My Everything (Chords)
  2. All Things (Chords)
  3. Shout it Loud (Chords)
  4. Because of Who You Are (Chords)
  5. Take My Life (Chords)
  6. More Today (Chords)
  7. Awesome God(Chords)
  8. Bigger (Chords)
  9. Destiny and Purpose (Chords)
  10. Run to You (Chords)
  11. Spirit of God (Chords)
  12. Breathe on Me (Chords)

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Blessed and Favored

  1. Blessed and Favored (Chords)
  2. Your Word Says (Chords)
  3. I Will Worship (Chords)
  4. I Give My Life To You (Chords)
  5. You Are God (Chords)
  6. I Will Go (Chords)
  7. The One (Chords)
  8. Yan Ang Gusto Ko (Chords,
  9. Heaven Is Calling (Chords)
  10. Lay it Down (Chords)
  11. Carry On (Chords)
  12. Helping Hand (Chords)
  13. What About God? (Chords)
  14. Ang Iyong Salita (Chords)
  15. Ikaw ay Diyos (Chords)
  16. Sa’yo Iaalay (Chords)

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For Who You Are
Album Lyrics (Download)

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