Worship band gloryfall holding a worship and music camp in Romblon Province

February 6, 2017 10:36 AM

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gloryfall will be at Lamp Christian Fellowship in Calatrava, Romblon, April 12-14, 2017. This will be the first time the band is visiting Romblon to conduct a worship music camp. They have done workshops in provinces like Bicol, General Santos, and Benguet. “We are really excited to be able to share with musicians and worship team members from Romblon,” says their drummer, Harald Huyssen.   Brother Hugh Kaiser will join gloryfall as a resource speaker for the event.
The band considers the goals they want the participants to walk away with when designing and finalizing the program for camps. gloryfall’s lead vocalist Toby Huyssen says, “We don’t just want them to be better musicians, we want them to be better worship team members.” Each worship and music camp the band does can have the content tailored to the needs of the group. This allows them to share content that is immediately applicable.
To keep things exciting for the participants, the camp has a balance of Biblical worship training and music. Some of the topics the Biblical training focuses on are the heart of worship, creating an atmosphere of worship, the role of the worship team, and challenges that worship teams face. There is an emphasis on times of worship as well. Often, worship teams do not get to participate in corporate worship since they are on stage playing their instruments. Sometimes they are preoccupied with the ministry, and sometimes they are hiding behind their instruments. As gloryfall puts it, “you cannot lead someone where you haven’t gone.” We place priority on corporate worship time during the camps. Bringing true God centered and God focused worship back to the body of Christ is a central goal of everything the band does.
The second aspect of the camp is the music training. The band focuses not only on individual instruments (electric guitar, bass, keyboard & drums) and voice, but also on working as a band, effective rehearsal techniques, and playing tastefully within a band. Recently the group has also been teaching song writing and arranging. The goal is to enable the local church to lift up their voice and flavor of worship, not just copy what popular foreign groups are doing.
gloryfall was started in 2008 and has released 9 albums. The group maintains an active touring schedule with around 70 events per year. gloryfall is a ministry under World Missions for Jesus based in Louisiana, USA with a ministry base in Antipolo City, Philippines.
Website: gloryfall.net
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