Overcoming A Common Pitfall For Worship Leaders


As worship leaders, many times we find ourselves in the midst of confusion, pain, hurt and chaos. Many times we find ourselves facing a challenge that seems too difficult to overcome. In these situations, many times we find ourselves asking why and what could we have done to deserve such things. The difficult thing is because we hold the title of ‘worship leader’ or ‘worship team member’ we tend to try to hide our struggles and put on a ‘victorious Christian’ mask.

In my life, as a worship leader, whenever I face trials and challenges, I used to have a “pass or fail” mindset. In my own strength, I must do what I can to “pass” but more often than not, I find myself failing. It was a while before I realized that I set myself up in a vicious cycle with this mindset. I needed to get out. What could I do? This was my question. The answer to this question came quickly; a gentle reminder to my heart to remember who I am in Christ.

We lose our identity so quickly when we start seeking other things like career, success, relationships, technology, etc. When we seek things that do not have eternal value. If we focus minds or put priority on earthly things, we easily get entangled with the expectations of the world (Romans 8:5). We start wanting to do things our way, in our strength rather than relying on God.

For me, I had to go back to the basic truth: “I am a child of God.” Knowing who I am in Christ determines my perspective on life. Everything changes. Specifically in worship leading, when I stand on stage, I need my feet to be firmly planted on God (Our Firm Foundation), knowing that I am His child. This helps overcome nervousness; performance mentality and so many things that worship leaders deal with. It also helps us in how we lead. My view has changed and I see people in a different light. Often times I am moved with compassion, seeing people and understanding where they are coming from. Many go through life in pain, just trying to survive. Being on stage then doesn’t just become another time of singing but a holy, sacred time where God’s presence invades and changes lives, just as my life was changed.

Knowing who you are in Christ will not just give you peace, it will also help you figure out your calling and purpose in life. Knowing who you are in Christ is something that you need to be committed to. Start by reading your Bible, praying, spending time in worship.

Check out this list of who you are in Christ by Joyce Meyer, read it out loud every day, meditate on it and let the Word of God renew your mind and bring transformation to your life.

Blog by: Ginny Huyssen

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